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Stretch foil – the most popular material protecting objects against physical damage
– colors: black, transparent and white
– different extensibility, including POWER film with extensibility up to 250%
– adjusting the size of the thimble and the length of the film to customer requirements, including standard sizes Jumbo, machine and manual
– film thickness: 17, 20, 23, 30 μ
– manual stretch foil – in weight from 1-3 kg and in the mini-rap version
– in addition to securing the goods against damage, the stretch film also provides protection against moisture and settling of dust and the negative effects of chemicals

Bubble foil – provides full protection of delicate items during transport
– in rolls up to 1.5 m wide and up to 100 m long
– two and three layer
– with different sizes of bubbles (bubbles), in addition the BIG BUBBLE option used to secure larger items

PE (polyethylene) foam – is particularly suitable for protecting valuable products susceptible to damage, a.o. furniture, wooden elements, electronics and household appliances 
– polyethylene – safe, modern and ecological material applicable in most industries, appreciated for its flexibility and ease of use
– PE foam provides optimal protection against scratches and damage, is also odorless, light, resistant to mold and moisture, as well as waterproof, additionally has sound-absorbing properties and insulates heat
– foam thickness from 8 mm to 5 cm
– available in rolls with a length from 100 to 700 meters depending on the thickness of the foam

Straping tape WG (polyester) and PP (polypropylene) and accessories necessary to use them
– used mainly for securing goods transported on pallets, ensures stability while driving and protects goods from sliding off the pallet
– we have tapes of different width and strength, which allows optimal protection of larger and smaller loads
– in addition to tapes, we provide necessary accessories such as belt tensioners, special buckles and corners protecting the goods against damage in contact with the tape

Packing tapes 
– acrylic – resistant to tearing, ideal for sealing cardboard boxes
– hot-melt – the use of synthetic rubber effectively increases the ease of sticking to various types of surfaces
– solvent – has a very high tolerance to extreme temperatures (-30 – +110 ° C)

– cleaning agents for premises
– liquids for cleaning the material
– disinfecting liquids
– foams and liquids for cleaning greasy dirt
– universal preparations
– window cleaning liquids
– EcoShine air fresheners
– professional air fresheners for large rooms to remove bad smells
– floor cleaning liquids
– professional means for cleaning and caring for the interior as well as car bodies (upholstery, cockpit, engine compartment, car body, alloy wheels, tires)
– means for lighting the fire on grill

Paper and cleaning supplies
– paper towels on a roll and ZZ
– toilet paper
– paper towels in Jumbo rolls

Gastronomic articles
– containers in various shapes and capacities (PP, OPS and EPS)
– lid for containers
– plastic and paper cups
– plastic cups
– plastic cutlery of various strengths
– paper, plastic and aluminum trays
– food wrap
– aluminum foil
– baking paper
– wrappers for kebabs, burgers

Packaging accessories
– bags in various sizes and strength
– HDPE bags
– string bags
– paper bag

– garbage bags
– nitrile diagnostic gloves
– fabric gloves
– silage foil
– napkins
– printer paper