About us

Idea to establish Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe Przemysław Kąkol, a company operating in the textile industry, was established in 1999. Within a few months the company was registered and was ready to conquer the market. The first big step in our history is 2005 and the transfer of production from the insufficiently large halls in Barcin to the purchased and prepared for work plant in Krotoszyn near Barcin, which allowed to acquire new contractors and increase not only production but also employment. We are developing further and in May 2010 we are buying sewing room in Pakość.

The year 2014 brings a new concept for expanding the company’s activity to the production of stretch film, which will allow us to develop not only in the textile industry, but also plastics. The newly created packaging wholesale takes over the halls in Pakość at Inowrocławska 12. Significant demand on the market allows for quick development of activities and gradual widening of the range. As of today, Packaging Wholesale PHU Przemysław Kąkol is one of the most dynamically operating companies of this type in Poland.

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